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Recruiting Java Plugin Developers

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created 10/12/2018 9:28 am by NorthDeamonGaming
last reply 10/14/2018 5:23 am

Hey everyone. I am currently looking at starting a project called Coding Dummies. It will be a website where people can browse custom plugins of all variety from small fun plugins such as teleportation or big plugins such as factions or minigames. I would also like the website to have a request option where people can request custom plugins to be made as well as 1 on 1 sessions that can be run to help people who may find programming hard or need a help with a certain plugin, get the help they need, understand the task a hand. Alongside this i also want the team to offer youtube videos on projects we have worked on , are doing and tutorial videos.

What makes the request function event better, i want to advertise ourselves to servers to get jobs and recruitment of small servers to get jobs of them. So as a team, you would both be working for the community and helping and doing jobs for servers.

Let me get to the chase.....
I am looking for developers to join the coding dummies team. You will be in charge of creating custom plugins both of your own ideas and for the community as well as that you would running 1 on 1 sessions every now and then. This is a paid job (further details during interview stage).

How do i apply for the position...

First of, we have a google form for you to fill in, just asking general questions and background information. We ask for contact details during this, preferable discord username however if you don't you can always give us another way to contact you. From this i would want a talk with you, get to know you and your personal background in java programming. If you get through you will be offered a place on the Coding Dummies team.


Thankyou for taking your time to read this post, i look forward to hearing from you

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