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πŸ“£ RECRUITING KappaHill Map Making Team - πŸ”· CTM MAP πŸ”· - Who we are, roles, application & map info

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created 12/03/2018 1:54 pm by adri2711
last reply 12/06/2018 8:40 am

About us

The KappaHill Team is a 2-man project that myself (Adri2711) and Suso started in december, 2017. As our name and imagery suggest, we aim to be a friendly and good-humored community, but with seriousness and dedication when it comes to our projects. We are currently looking to grow for our next, quite big CTM map, which is in the planning stage. Here's what we have done so far:

- Chromatica: A casual PvP minigame, currently available on Minecraft Realms. [Trailer]

- Technicolor: A CTW Map. Submitted to Hypixel.

- The Flowers: A semi-competitive 1.8 PvP game. Our first project together, you can find it here.

We've both been fans of the CTM genre for years, and had been planning a project like this for a long time. After finishing Chromatica and Technicolor, our first two serious projects together, we decided it was time to start a big one and to accomplish what had been an aspiration of ours. But for that, we need to expand.

What we are looking for

These are three main roles, with their corresponding specializations, and the requirements to apply for them:

-"Builder": (Structures/Terraformation/Detailing) - Requirements: Experience with World Edit is required, and knowledge of other useful tools such as WorldPainter or VoxelSniper, according to your specialization, is recommended. You need to present a portfolio of your past projects, including your "not so good" or "mediocre" builds, since the ability to improve and progress is also important to us. Pictures must be clear and not obfuscated by extreme shaders. You will not be judged exclusively by the flashiness, size or any arbitrary quality of your builds, but by the ensemble of your qualities.

-"Programmer": (Commandblocks/Functions) - Requirements: Evidence of your knowledge of commandblocks or functions must be shown in the form of videos, concept worlds or any sort of creation in which you make use of such skills. Knowledge of tools like NBTEdit or MCStacker are positive.

-"Designer": (Custom textures and models/Level design/Mechanic design) - Requirements: If you want to apply as an artist: Show your creations that include custom textures or models. If you want to apply for level design/mechanic design: Show one of your maps that feature interesting/unique mechanics or zones/structures, with an explanation of why you chose to design them that way (doesn't need to be long, focus on the important).

Note: If you think you have a valuable skill that isn't listed here, feel free to also apply and justify how you can contribute to the project.

How to apply

To apply, PM me, adri2711 | RageQuick#0071 on discord or on this forum with the following information:

- Name. (What you'd like to be called)

- Region, timezone and languages you speak. (Evidently, we will not discriminate based on this, it is purely for coordination purposes)

- Brief description of your past map making projects and your experience with Complete The Monument maps.

- Role(s) and specialization(s) you want to apply for and the requirements specified in the description of each role, in the form of images/albums, videos or map downloads, and the pertinent text to complement them.

If you have any questions regarding applications feel free to ask me as well.

Small summary of the project

The map we will be working is a multiplayer compatible, full-length Capture The Monument with 16 objectives + collectibles. While it will technically be our first big collective CTM project, we are by no means strangers to this genre. Our aim with it is to focus mainly on the gameplay feel without sacrificing aesthetics or lore, and to create a compelling and accessible experience without removing complexity from the gameplay. The main catches of the map will be an interesting combat system that aims to make the PvE aspect of the map more enjoyable and dynamic, and highly customised gameplay, in terms of mobs, loot and general mechanics. To get further information about what we've planned, please get in touch with us.
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12/06/2018 8:40 am
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Hello, I want to join your team. I want to apply. I am active for 5-6 hours per day (weekend its 18 hours)

  Name: Emir
Timezone: GMT

Map making projects : "Player's Minigames" This is a map im working on now, i will send it to soon.

I am applying, and I'm ready for all roles. Builder, redstone builder ,or manager. Or the roles you said above. My disc : EmirhanPlayerTR#2819




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