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Recruiting 2-4 Mod/Plugin Makers. Code: Lyoko MC Project

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created 07/30/2015 7:31 pm by URGMods
last reply 07/31/2015 9:56 pm
We are currently in need of several moderately-skilled mod and plugin writers to assist in the making of our new creation for an experimental roleplay server.

First of all, for those of you curious, Lyoko is the sci-fi animated/3D TV Series about a group of four French High School students who discover a virtual dataspace within a massive computer under an abandoned automobile factory. Inside they locate a girl called Aelita, who is trapped in Lyoko due to it's shutdown ten years prior, with her inside. Without spoiling much, the group's objectives are to release Aelita, discover the creator of Lyoko and his/her whereabouts, and hold off a once benevolent security program called XANA, who is able to enter reality with the use of Lyoko's Tower System and seeks to either kill the students, destroy their link to Lyoko, or scare them from ever returning to the world. Aelita is able to deactivate a Tower under XANA's control, but if she is destroyed by the forces of the program, hope is lost due to her missing files that handle her return to Earth. Once Aelita was able to return to reality, it became easier for the kids to hold XANA off, though Aelita's destruction now meant she could not return to Lyoko for 12 hours.

The events within the server will take place during seasons 3-4 and onwards, assuming the series never ended. Towers will activate, sometimes warriors for Lyoko will be added from the School, though most will be temporary. Events in the server itself will happen and plenty of opportunities to see the different Sectors will be given. This means that you won't be blocked from entering Lyoko just because you play a character of your own design. Though the methods to enter may change, and more virtual worlds may be added for convenience.

The Lyoko Mod is an ongoing project first created by the NovaTeam and WurcsNet. Now under possession of UGR with some of the original core team in tact, we require a new set of modders to join our team. As for plugins, they will be managed by a new branch of the team, as parts of the mod could be implemented as purely serverside to save space on the mod.
Some parts of the mod should be fairly simple. Others, not so much. Here are some examples of the planned features.

-Functioning XANA/TOWER AI, able to be deactivated or controlled by the server/mod admins. (Possibly a set of commands or interfaces that an Admin playing the role of XANA could interact with.)

-Functional LyokoScape and Real World, such as Scanners, Towers, and Monsters for Lyoko and power for the real world. (Basically an altered Wireless Redstone is needed, and the WR mod may be substituted for convenience.)

-(Possible)Minor Character Creation, changing the overhead Display name and altering statistics like Speed or Endurance.

-New blocks or textures to allow accuracy and appearance.

We are taking suggestions and of course applications for this position. Comment below or preferably Skype the Founder of this project for more information.

Skype: TH3 C4KE 15 4PY
or use live:treyspcs
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07/31/2015 9:56 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Bumping this. Sudden interest in the server from a lot of sources.

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