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Searching for devoted MC staff/team members for server

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created 01/17/2017 6:29 pm by maclaxer
last reply 01/18/2017 11:19 pm
Hello, I'm searching for some devoted Minecraft players to help me get the Iperoscraft minecraft server up and running. I'll do all the hosting and plugin work, I just need some people to help administrate players and come up with ideas. I was thinking a just a simple survival server, faction or maybe towny, we'll see what I can use to get what I want out of the gameplay. This is less of an admin/mod position and more for someone who can meet up with me and others multiple times a week, come up with ideas, use our skills together, and generally get along with each other and still be devoted to the server.

I'm looking to create sort of nations/states type server, like I said, maybe using towny or factions. There will be a small world area, about 4000x4000 of minecraft terrain that people can mine, harvest resources and, build towns, cites etc. I also want to have "ruins" all around the world, I have a few ways of me maybe implementing that but like I said, this is still all up in the air.

Just post some of your info down below in the comments and I'll PM you if I think you are someone who would be useful on our team.

info template (just use this as a template, post what ever you think would show your skills):

in game username
Minecraft experience (years)
Past projects (build teams, member of server staff, mods etc.)
builds (if you have any post a link to pictures)
what you like doing on servers and what you are good at.
skype or discord (I recommend you get discord as we will use it very often for communication but, skype is fine
for the first few days)
why you want to join our server (reasons).

Good luck!

example post:

Hello, my name is maclaxer12 and I have been playing minecraft for the past 5-6 years mostly doing server stuff and a little building. I have worked on many servers (, and, in the past either as a Co-Owner or server Developer, but all are dead at this point. I dont build too much and I'm not too good at it but, I have been part of a build team on one of my older servers but nothing much there. I like working with PermissionsEx and keeping the server running but, I'll have to say I'm good at keeping people motivated and getting a server going. My skype and discord is the same username: maclaxer12. I want to join this server because I think I can help it succeed, propel it into popularity and have fun with other players, because that's what Minecraft is about.
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01/18/2017 11:19 pm
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Hello, my username is JrFander and I've been playing Minecraft for around 2~3 years. I have mostly been doing some map building and also some server work. I have worked on a few small servers as Builder(Twice),Mod(Once),Admin(Once).
I enjoy building and managing servers and I enjoy helping out the server staff and owners. I am good at plugins such as PermissionsEx, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, Essentials, etc. I am good at making others follow the rules but also enjoy the server.
I have skype and discord which are JrFander. I want to join this server to help the Owner but also help keep the server going well and healthy. I think that I have the skills to make the server a fun but also safe from hackers so that players can have a great time.




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