Shockwave Network Needing Owners, Devs, and a lot more!

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Heyo! Sloss here! Today I'm going to be telling you about Shockwave Network! Shockwave-Network is a custom Mini-game server, With a good community, who puts the community and staff first. We strive to bring an enjoyable environment for
everyone. We make sure everyone will enjoy the network and hopes to make the best server in our capabilities. If you wish to apply the current ranks are open below with a number of people we are hiring for it:
- Owners | 2
- Head of Staff | 3
- Head of Advertising | 2
- Head of Development | 2
- Developers | 3
- Builders | 5
- Head-Admins | 3
- Admins | 6
- Head-Moderators | 3
- Moderators | 7
- Helpers | 15
- Trainees | 5
- Youtubers | 5

Please do not be afraid to apply, We will try our best to get you your desired rank, or find you a place! If you wish to apply the application form is below. If you do wish to apply please send it to Sloss2003#4087 on Discord.

What's you're in game name?
Tell us about your self:
Do you have any past experience in moderation?
What rank are you applying for?
Do you have a working microphone?
Do you have the ability to record?
How much time can you dedicate to your role?
Have you ever been punished and/or banned on the other server, if so please explain why, and where?
Do you have any past works | < builders and devs only? If so please provide them here:
Any thing else we should know?

If you want some information please go and read our google doc with a lot of information, witch is always being updated. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jjm ... sp=sharing
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