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created 03/27/2017 9:58 am by J a k e
Hello there, I am from Minecraft Market, and today I would like to recruit some top of the line builders for my build team in progress! We are currently working very hard to release, and begin commissions, although to do so we will need a few highly qualified builders. Here at Supreme Builds we accept nothing less than perfect. That's why I've come here, as many of the members at pmc are great at what they do.

When will we be accepting commissions? Currently Supreme Builds has a few things to do before release, starting with the website, as well as graphics which we are working on, none the less we are striving to be able to accept commissions by 4/5/17, not too long, huh!

All customers will contact me to obtain a quote, explain details, as well as work out the payment. I will then contact the builders I feel are best suited for the job, and they will begin working. After the build is complete, the builders will receive 80% of the final payment, split accordingly.

If you are interested in applying for a position in our build team, I am going to need you to fill out the following application below, please send it via my skype; [email protected]



What type of building experience do you have?:

What type of experience do you have working in a team environment, if any?:

Would you be able to work on commissions 4-5 days out of the week?:

How many hours would you be able to contribute to building per day?:


Portfolio (Mandatory):

Thank you for considering joining Supreme Builds!
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J a k e
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