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{Tales of Meolatia} | High Fantasy Roleplay Looking for Lore Writers |

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created 10/15/2018 6:17 pm by Arubion
Greetings, I'm Arubion, I may be asking fore Lore Writers mostly, but I also wouldn't mind a few people skilled as Game Masters and a possible Co-owner to the server. Meolatia will be a High Fantasy roleplay that doesn' have bias towards one race, but instead will allow all races to better themselves regardless if you choose to be a goblin, or a human. Main Reason I'm in need of lore writers as its hard to make 100% of the decisions myself without doubting my own judgement as I find it easier if I have people to talk and expand ideas with.

If you're interested join off this link to the discord, I'll rarely check here.
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