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Team Elite - Build Team

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created 12/23/2014 11:43 am by Team Elite
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Hello PMC!

I'm here today to introduce Team Elite. Team Elite is a build team that specializes in pretty much everything from terraforming to redstoning to building a variety of styles in order to produce the highest quality builds possible. We put hours upon hours creating and detailing everything to ensure our builds are of the highest standard we can achieve. We currently hold more than 200 members and we hope to, some day, double that. Join us now by following this link:


There are two ways of joining us, APPLYING and DONATING. Let's go over applications first. In order to apply, you must fill out the application template on Team Elite's site (under "Team Elite applications" section), within the following days, you will get a response from our dedicated application team whether you've been accepted for a build trial on our server or whether you've been declined. If you've been accepted, you will be contacted by one of our staff members to organize a build trial. On the other hand, if you've been declined, a reason will be stated, so be sure to read the reason and further improve your application baring the reason(s) in mind. You can apply by clicking HERE.
An alternate way to join us is to donate. To find more information visit the website. Joining will grant you access to our team server and our team Slack (What is Slack? Click ME for further info). For all things Team Elite, be sure to visit our official site! [Having trouble donating, follow this GUIDE]


The TE rank system is divided into a bunch of ranks and more info on those can be found by clicking HERE. Here's a small recap of what each rank offers:
Member - The default rank a person gets after donating
Veteran - Veterans are basically members that are trusted and that helped out the team in some way, shape or form
Elite - Elites are our highest tier of members and only the people that show great interest in our team, help out in leading build sessions and further try to improve the team by providing map ideas get this rank. Elites also get access to most commands as well as VoxelSniper, WorldEdit and AutoFlower
Mods - Mods are our first tier of staff and they're in charge of making sure the members behave well. All mods also have management positions that we'll go over in a bit.
Admins - Admins are a higher tier of staff member. They provide insight to the Owners of how well Mods are doing they're job and they also call the shots when the leaders are not around.
Owner - Owner is our highest tier staff member, there are two owners of Team Elite, Dave and Kezzer, both are of equal importance; they pay for the server using the donations as well as manage all staff members.
Going back to those management positions that mods have.
Our Community Manager is MrBestDeni. He's in charge of making sure the members are happy and are doing their jobs.
Our Creations Manager is KellieBreanne, she's in charge of finding new projects for us, organizing them and making sure they're being done.
Our Server Operator is Ben, he's in charge of keeping the servers online and adding plugins and whatnot to them
Our Head of Media is FroggyTV, he puts out videos related to Team Elite on his YouTube channel.
And lastly we have Adragonfire who is our Public Relations Manager.
Different Admins have different roles as well, and they are as follow:
AlpakaWhacker is in charge of creations and leading most builds.
KRaidium is in charge of Public relations alongside Adragonfire.
CaptButterToast works as an assistant to Dave, one of the owners.


Thank you and hope to see you in the team soon!

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Team Elite
Level 46 : Master Architect

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12/24/2014 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
How much do you charge to build?
12/25/2014 8:29 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
Team Elite
It all depends on what exactly you are wanting. If you would like, we could discuss this over TeamSpeak (if you have it) or private messages on here.


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