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teamwork project need people youtube channel also

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created 10/31/2012 11:24 am by baggers95
last reply 11/06/2012 2:45 am
hello my name is Liam and i have had this idea to do a project on minecraft not a building project but a adventure like a movie in some cases to start of my channel so its basically a YouTube channel recruitment drive in basic language but i want this project to be the main focus i do not need actors at this point in time as the team that i want is technical and if they wish to play a roll they may do so,

the people i need
1. someone creative and imaginative who can come up with the script and ideas for the the video editing
2. a graphic designer for all the artwork and maybe editor of the videos going up
3 someone second in command as i will not be available 24/7 that can help be a leader in this project and guide people
4.a video editor
5 a great builder for the maps
6 public relations- someone who controls the audience and finds what they want

if you think of a roll I did not come up with then please by all means write it in the comments, and if you have specific skills please also post and if you can id like to see proof of your skills if you haven't got proof please say you haven't and i will set a task

Thankyou for your time i look forward to hearing from you and just as a note i have a idea of things but nothing solid so this project will be built from the ground tahnkyou
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11/06/2012 2:45 am
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Hey. I can either be your script writer, or your builder. I don't have proof of my builds, so set me something. I build mostly medieval, but I can build whatever would be needed. I hope to hear from you soon.

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