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Tekkit youtube let's play!

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created 10/27/2012 6:35 pm by Kankei
last reply 10/27/2012 8:37 pm
This was just a test 2 see how many people click on the youtube lets play more than just regular survival, if the views go crazy than that just shows how bad and desperate people on this website are just to get on youtube. sorry to burst your bubble but you will never get famous relying on someone else to record and do the let's play for you.
I am not trying to be mean but this has got to stop. People like myself spend a lot of time doing cool things and events but people don't click on it just because it won't go on youtube. I may get banned for putting this post in the wrong place but this has to be heard, if you are just looking to be on youtube do it yourself and get a life, like i said i am not trying to be mean i am just giving advice.
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10/27/2012 8:37 pm
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Recruitment and Teamwork section?
Moderator, please move this where it's supposed to go (If anywhere) or
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