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The Curious Crew of Zenku

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created 11/13/2018 4:03 pm by ZenkuBuildTeam
" Ah. Another Day. Another Team.
Helping build the Minecraft Dream.
Just who are we, you might not know
the hidden gems beneath the snow. "

Welcome to the all encompassing Zenku introduction.
We've been sleeping for quite some time but now are more awake then ever and so very curious about you all!

Naturally you may be curious about us as well. Let's try to help with that:

Who are we?

We are a new community of Artists, Crafters, and Game Design Enthusiasts who have a long standing passion for all things Minecraft. Created by two strange, dedicated, and often mysterious Owners with many, many goals.

What we do? [Nonspecific]

Zenku was started with the hopes of accomplishing a few different things. First and most important, to build a connected and creative community through our own custom Minecraft Server where players can interact, experience, and explore not only the community but the ideas we have and world we create. We do have an incredible passion for gaming after all!

Secondly to collect a highly motivated and creative build team to inspire and impress others. We are not in this for commercial and financial success but rather the notoriety and pride of our projects. These will range from typical to very unusual projects and wish to cover as many creative bases as we can from textures and builds to maps and artwork. We see so many people in the minecraft community interested in becoming better creators and being part of a team but a lack of dedication and inspiration and wish to do our part to aid this! :3

Thirdly, and this is the bottom of the list for now, is to create a very active online presence. Towards the future we very much want to stream projects being worked on and events being ran, create a chance for tutorials to be created, run a creative and gaming podcast, and lots of other things involving media from the entertaining to the educational. This is only after our community has reached a point that Minecraft was our stepping stone into the more odd creative world online. Our server, players, teams, and projects will always take priority. <3

Some relevant information and things about us.

Those running Zenku have been involved in many build teams, major projects, and servers before and are quite experienced in their fields. We are incredibly passionate and dedicated to providing and showcasing fun gaming experiences and creative projects. We take our image, appeal, and approach in the community very professionally and thus you can expect any of our work to be of the same caliber.

We love creativity and learning and so should you! Part of the reason this community was started was to start connecting more creative individuals together simply using Minecraft as a catalyst. Just like many others, we know the importance of escapism and expression in life and Minecraft is so often the best place for that!

We don't like wasting time! We are always patient but we are very dedicated and sacrifice time in our life to work on projects and things for the community and so we highly respect those that work with us who can do that same.
Remember, this is not an advertisement or an application! We just like to let people know where we are at :3

We love promoting active, full lifestyles and all live them so you can imagine how much we love Minecraft and Creativity to try and put this all together. <3

We care. Lots. Always actively working on having the best atmosphere for all. Free of judgement and hate. Life is full of ups and downs and we have no interest in adding to the bumps :3

I think this about wraps up our introductions. We'd LOVE to hear back from you with your Minecraft Interests and Stories! Please feel free to comment below if we've sparked your interests!

And don't forget to follow our page here on Planet Minecraft for updates on how to get involved in either our Server or Build Team in the very near future! It's a WONDERFULLY huge help to us and we're ever so grateful!

[Links to Social Media and other information when available can be found on our profile!]

Stay Zen
- Spirit Guide Rull

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