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Time Vault Network - recruitment

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created 12/18/2018 10:33 pm by AstaZora

Time Vault Network is looking for builders!

Our network is expanding a bit rapidly, and as such builders who are proficient in their own ways, are needed here. We are looking for many types of themes, and many talents

To apply please list down below anything in green, anything in yellow is requested but may be unnecessary, like age. Green is required.

Feel free to, instead apply on Discord

Your Discord Name:

Your TimeZone:

Your Age

Do you have a microphone?

Your skill level:

Your preferred role: (IE Terrain? Structure generation? ETC)

What makes you a good addition?

Images to reference your work: (We know images that are from google, or the general internet, so please be honest here. We will find out if you are fake or not, before you get some awesome perks in the attempts to troll, destroy, or waste other people's time.)

If we see anything we find suspicious you will be subject to a trial period, or if you submit nothing for images

*We reserve the right to terminate you from our staffing at any time, for any reason. If you follow a general rule for "common decency" you will be fine. abusing your powers will also result in loss of ability to be network staff, and thusly will result in immediate dismissal.*

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