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created 04/20/2019 4:11 pm by henuhry
Looking for a project? A cause? A venture? You are in the right place! Keep reading to discover a venture that will revive the way servers are ran, how networks are made, and how community service is channeled.


The Triton Network is a project that aims to bring a fresh new frontier on Minecraft networks. We are a network that aims to change the way charity and community service is seen. All at the same time reviving a once thriving game. We plan to install that same sense of excitement players had years ago when they first discovered Minecraft for the first time. That sense of mystery as to what you will explore next is priceless, and will be revived.

Throughout our journey we will implement many game modes and mini-games to elevate Minecraft multiplayer to a new level.



Picture an open world adventure experience set in a post-apocalyptic world. You are able to roam the land discovering terrain and structure and loot certain dismantled buildings and dungeons as well as defeat bosses in live events.

  • Settlements - You are able to form big settlements and ally with one another. If they encounter a player outside of the settlement, they have the choice to either engage or walk away, but be careful! That player might follow you back to your settlement and raid you.
  • Sanity - Every player has a sanity bar, when the sanity bar reaches a certain point, mysteries shadow creatures start spawning around you and attacking you. These monsters are essentially a figment of your imagination so they will only appear to you. Take care of your sanity by tending to your basic needs.
  • Thirst & Hunger - Thirsty? Good. Hungry? We hope so. Exploring this unforgiving world can get tiring and will require a lot of energy consumption. Remember to drink water and eat every now and then to avoid some taxing effects. Lack of food and water will also be taxing on your sanity, but of course you already know what happens after that.
  • Custom Mobs - You think these dungeons will have normal zombies? Not a chance! Dungeons will have custom mobs and bosses waiting for you to explore! The over-world won’t be forgiving either! With custom spawning hardcore mobs.
  • Complex Weapon System - Hardcore mobs and bosses, but how do we defeat them? With a complex weapon system of course! Weapons are complex and realistic, meaning you will have to work on maintenance to keep your weapons working! Guns can jam from rust, and knives can get dull so use them carefully!
  • Endless Discovery - We know what you’re all thinking, what happens when you explore everything? That’s the thing, you won’t. There will be different seasons! Each period with different dungeons, contents, and little twists to it. Don’t worry though! You will still be able to keep certain important items from each period.

Team Recruitment
As of right now, we are in search of certain team members that share the same drive to grow and learn as we do. We want your heart to be 100% in this, because a project cannot succeed without dedication. With that said, here are the positions we are in search of.

    • Developer - We are searching for competent plugin developers who are mature, responsible, and knows how to work their way around Spigot API. You must also be able to work in a team environment. We are also interested in having someone who knows how to make custom mobs using data packs! With the amount of custom mobs that we need, data pack mobs will be a big part of development!
      • Builder - Our big maps require an ambitious and creative builder. We are looking for builders who excel in at least one area of building. Whether that may be detailing, terraforming, or organics. You must also be able to divide and conquer on big projects as well as work effectively in a team environment.
      • Designer - Love to draw? Have a knack for digital art? Apply! We aim to enhance the player’s gaming experience by providing them with detailed, creative art that appeals to their emotions. Being a designer means that you will complete tasks such as texture our custom texture packs as well as make flyers and banners.
      • Lore Writer - All this custom content needs a story, an origin, a place of birth. If you are a creative writer or story telling genius, this is the job for you! We are looking for lore writers with a creative mindset and the ability to take suggestions and turn it into productivity.

    Did you skip through any of this? Go back!

    This network is a revolutionary ambition and you won’t want to miss out!


    To apply, simply join our discord channel and we will walk you through the application process!



    Want to beta test? Be part of the community? Join our discord channel here!


    Yours Cordially,

    Triton Network Owners

    Henry Nguyen & Billy Vo
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