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Web Developer looking for work.

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created 10/28/2012 2:37 pm by Forcei
last reply 10/27/2013 4:24 am
Need a website?
I'm a web developer with about a year and a half of experience. I'm looking for someone who wants me to do FREE work.

I'm looking for something unique to do. Like build a server website. Although, before you start coming up with great ideas, please know that I'm not a graphic designer. Meaning, I cannot come up with a GREAT custom design for your website. I can come up with a decent one. It may take more time, though.

Something cool I've been able to do with dedicated servers is... Well, before I get started on this topic I just want you to note that I don't know if any other server does this, but it was pretty neat when I got this working. My server loved it. Basically, what I did was I made it so iConomy was set up on MySQL mode. So was mcMMO. Since websites are compatible with MySQL, I made it so you could earn a 10% interest on your money in-game by visiting the website every 12 hours. Meaning, you could make pop-up advertisements so it can earn you money, while your users are making themselves happy by earning in-game money, just by visiting your website. I too, can do this to your server, if your server has MySQL compatibility.

Before you "hire" me, look into a website host like FatCow.
Or, if you have a dedicated server with port 80 available, we can work this out with no problem.

These are things I need to make a great website:
IIS or Apache web server. -- *Required* Available with dedicated or hosted web server.
PHP -- Available with dedicated or special web server.
MySQL -- Available with dedicated or special web server. has all of this. Either sign up there or get a dedicated server.
Need help? Leave a message below.

Recommended things:
Dedicated server with IIS, PHP, and MySQL.
FatCow web hosting, and a BeastNode server.
FatCow web hosting, Minecraft server, MySQL cloud.

Recommended places to find these things:
MySQL cloud:
Minecraft server:
Web hosting:
With all of these 3 things above, I will be glad to help you work out what you want for your server website.

Anyways, I'd like to create cool websites for people, without any profit. Please let me know below what you'd like me to do below. We'll make it happen. Thanks.
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10/27/2013 4:24 am
Level 22 : Expert Spelunker
Add me on Skype, im making mods so you can make an adfly to the site and the money goes to you 0.o
Skype: SocialP2 XD
10/27/2013 4:18 am
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I am interested add me on skype theekshana.ambepitiya
02/11/2013 11:09 am
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Hey! Could you add me on Skype please? My Skype name is ultimateeddie
11/04/2012 8:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I do like it. But I don't want it to be for my server. I want you to make me a minecraft server-selling business theme ( like ) If you can, please add justin.graham14 on Skype or message [email protected].

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