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by DarkDeuce00 » 12/14/2012

So down below I have the list of things i've done with the texture pack. I still need armor ideas, so leave your ideas as a reply to this post or send me a PM. The texture pack is expected to be ready to be used on MineZ between Dec 20th And Dec 30th.

Paper - Medkit
Apple - Canned Beans
Snowball - Smoke Grenade
Ender Pearl - Grenade
Milk - Syringe
Shears - Bone Saw
Added Blood TO Zombies
Eye Of Ender - Walkie Talkie
Lime Green Dye - Antibiotics
Rose Red Dye - Painkillers
Added High Definition Font
Wooden Sword - Baseball Bat
Stone Sword - Crowbar
Iron Sword - Katana
Added More Blood To Zombies
GOlden Apple - Golden Canned Beans
Re-Textured Medkit
Stone Axe - Battleaxe/Warhammer
Changed All Leaves To Fall Look
Made Grass Look Like It Is Dieing
Changed Beacon Beam To Red
Made Flowers Look Like They Were Dying
Melon - Chocolate Bar
Melon Block - Cardboard Chocolate Box
Re-Colored Leaves
Added The Word MineZ In Inventory
Oak And Jungle Leaves Changed To A Yellowish Color
Re-Textured Baseball Bat
Changed Katana To Machete
Made The Pine Tree Leaves Look Deadish
Made The Rest Of The Leaves Look Like The Dead Ones On The Pine Tree
Re-Textured Machete And Added Blood To It
Changed Glass Bottle To A Water Bottle And Made It So The water Is In The Bottle
Added Random Logo Thing To Water Bottle
Changed Bow To A Pistol
Changed Arrow To BUllet
Changed Arrows When Shot To Bullets
New Grass Colors
New Grass Colors
Custom Swamp Biome Colors
New Grenade Texture
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by -Rusty- » 12/14/2012

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by janidorr » 12/16/2012

Can't wait to see it! :)
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by RawrIncGaming » 12/17/2012

Looks promising! I might do a review on it on my YouTube once it's released :)
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by boxsetz » 12/18/2012

Awesome. MineZ is an awesome sever.
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