Modded SMP Need Players

Are you starting a new project and are looking for members, or are you looking for something to join? Here's the spot!

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by Virus255 » 6/17/2017

I am doing a modded smp.
I have the mods,
I have the server,
Now all I need are other players.
In order to apply you just need to fill out this format:
Will you be recording?:
If so, what is your channel?:
If you are accepted I will message you on skype, where I will send you the IP and the mods.
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by pegless_ » 6/18/2017

Name: Steve
Age: 36 (lol)
IGN: Pegless
I don't do skype
Schedule? I'm in the UK, but will probably play a bit most days, time depending on real life stuff
I won't be recording, but my wife might if she joins too
Her channel is Yautja_ (mostly skywars, little bit of factions (She's in the richest ever faction on cosmicpvp! it's not all PG, so cover your ears kids!))

I've only just joined this forum, is there a messaging service on here? if not, let me know if i can join on here and I'll get the wife's skype details.
I have an 8 year old son who would like to join too, but he'll only be on when me or the wife are on with him XD (yes, I'm 36 and married, and still do the XD face......)
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by PaddyHDxD » 6/20/2017

Name: Paddy
Age: 18
IGN: PaddyHDxD
Skype: I dont use Skype , But here is my Discord name PaddyHDxD#2881. I can get skype if needed.
Schedule: I can be on 1-4 hours a day
Will you be recording?: No
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