Need command engineers and builders !!

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by FinbofinPMC » 3/18/2017

I am currently getting back into minecraft after being away for a couple months and I am about to get going with a minecraft 1.11 and 1.12 adventure map!
Due to this, i need a team of at least 5 people to help me out. I am not the best at command blocks anymore since they changed stuff up a bit, however, I know my stuff about it. Builders and possibly 'resource pack makers' are needed too.

A little bit about the map though:

-Made for minecraft 1.11 and 1.12+
-SinglePlayer when released
-Open world RPG kind of style
-Randomized Dungeons
-Non-Randomized Dungeons (these have to deal with the story)
-Based on Legend of Zelda games but not a Zelda game

I am getting my main inspiration for this map from a couple of sources from earlier years. Mostly my own mind (and anyone that can help) will generate the story but I want to create a similar experience to the 'Zelda Adventure' from this abandoned mod called AdventureCraft. I don't think many people remember this mod or map but it was a really fun experience and the creator abandoned it after the mod was left unfinished as well.

There are a few requirements if anyone would like to help:

-Must have a way to communicate (via skype or Discord) but a microphone is not required but is recommended!
-Must have experience in map making / building / command blocks / and editing or designing resource packs
-Be flexible and work well with anyone that might be in the group as well

Full credit to anyone that helps will be in the map and links to a social media (if requested) will be in the map as well.
Please reply if interested and try to meet requirements !

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by IntoUnknown » 3/23/2017

-I have a discord
-I've created minecraft maps
-I'll work with whom ever
I'd be glad to help!
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by Presidente » 3/23/2017

At the first I've read "I need Commanders" :lol:

Are you installing plugins also?
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