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by Jayk723 » 3/31/2012

Ok so I recently created my own server and downloaded plugins such as Essentials. So I made my own spawn and type /setspawn. And then after I did it, I tested it. It worked. However, I tested in my other account and I was an Citizen. When I tried /spawn in my other account, It didn't work. I was confused and watch many tutorial videos but none could help me. Other people complained that they can't do the command /spawn, can someone please tell me why this isn't working?
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by zachstar1998 » 3/31/2012

You have to set the group Citizens in the plugins folder so that it allows them to use the command. It would be something like essentials.spawn or something like that. I suggest to watch a tutorial on how to assign groups certain commands. I haven't done this in a while so I don't remember. Sorry
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