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Set up shop to offer your creative services to the community. Skins, Projects, Textures, Art and other wares.

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by sturdyplum » 3/29/2012

Recent Servers:blizzcraft mostly and my own server not up anymore :( plus nacracraft and dragoncraft
Have you been a Mod before:better ive been an owner an admin a jr admin and a mod(all in different servers)
Why should I pick you: i have experience being staff and can help you with alot of things im responsible respectful and never abusive i have excellent red stone skills, and skype if u need to make a conference call i have plugin experience and know almost all of the w.e commands plus the essentials commands
Why Should i trust you: i have never been banned never griefed im nice respectful and have lots of staff exp :D
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by Nickthedill » 3/29/2012

IGN: Nickthedill
Recent Servers: Vindicraft, herocraft, and small pvp servers. I use to run a server called Mindcraft lol
Have you been a Mod before: Ive owned my own server before with many many players, but could not afford to keep it.
Why should I pick you: Im mature, honest and dedicated. I have had positions and responsibility and can be trusted.
Why Should i trust you: I am honest, and i know how servers work. Ive ran large servers with large amounts of people. If you ever need help you can count on me.
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by lycam1001 » 3/29/2012

Recent Servers:empireminecraft
Have you been a Mod before:yes
Why should I pick you:because i will help others in my responsibillities as a moderator
Why Should i trust you:because i am honest and not a griefer stupid griefers
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by deatheos222 » 3/29/2012

IGN: deatheos22
Recent Servers: Most have closed and are whitelisted
Have you been a builder before: yes on more then 15 servers but none have been serious.
Why should I pick you: I am a very good builder check my profile for my builds I am loyal and will never turn to greifing and if you pick me i will become dedicated to you.
Why should I trust you: I have never greifed and I will build what ever you want and I love building and I want to get kinda known and recognized.
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by rhettbutler13 » 3/30/2012

IGN: rhettbutler13
Recent Servers: AhnarisCraft -, and Goodolserver -
Have you been a Mod before: Yes and yes.
Why should I pick you: I have a lot of experience with modding and administering Minecraft servers, having been a mod and admin on two servers for close to a year. I enjoy keeping the world a safe and fun place for server members, and always do my best to make things that the entire server can enjoy, be it artwork, dungeons, or minigames.
Why Should i trust you: I was a both moderator and admin of Goodolserver and AhnarisCraft for extended periods of time, the longest being my time served on AhnarisCraft as the self-proclaimed community activist. I ensured that the server was a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, and was much beloved by the community, before resigning my position due to inability to perform my duties to the satisfaction of the server owner due to RL problems and commitments.

Thanks for taking the time to look over my application! En Taro D3SLIV3!
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by Slashmate101 » 3/30/2012

IGN: slashmate101
Recent servers: I set up a faction on a server and our chest got full of stacks of diamonds
Have you been builder before?: Yes, but without plugins
Why should I pick you?: Because I'm a good builder, look at my post "pixels"
Why should I trust you?: I have never been banned from a server and I have never been accused of bullying
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by kyledere123 » 3/30/2012

IGN: Kyledere
Skype: Mr.mincrafter
Trust: i have alot of modorator abiltys and i have admin on 4 server so i never griefed unless the owner told me to.
Modrator times: like is said 4 times
Recent servers: Ive been on Gummicraft EVLgaming pandora craft and gizmos server
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by codeninja » 3/30/2012

IGN: phantom11
Recent Servers: Private server ~ operator, safeheaven ~ ninja rank And the list goes on...
Have you been a Mod before: Indeed i was,
I have been Moderator on 3 servers Admin on 2 and Operator on 4
Why should I pick you:
I am the funniest, professional, Trust worthy person you will ever find. I am level 34 on Pmc because I am a Skinner, modder and I am very respected on this website, I joke around in the right times You can trust me with whatever you need me with I am no troll I am very mature, I have skype so you can see me in person, Also I am a successful modder and can help you out with anything that includes code or plugins.
I have a extensive experience running a server and using a wide viraty of plugins to their full potential. I also have a PhD in World Edit ;)

So I hope that I convinced you to make me a Admin and I hope to hear from you soon :)
Why Should i trust you: ^
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by xGangsta_Kx » 3/30/2012

IGN: xGangsta_Kx
Recent Servers: GodCraft, MineStack, MooCraft.
Have you been a Mod before: Yes. I Have been Admin in two servers, and Op in two also. (i do not know the IP, It has been a while since i was on those servers. i just recently got back into minecraft)
Why should I pick you: I enforce the rules, but also make sure everyone is having fun. I will help this server as much as possible.
Why Should i trust you: Well im a pretty mature person. I have only been banned once, and it was for no reason at all.
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by vandore » 3/30/2012

IGN: vandore
Recent servers:
Have you been a mod before: no but i have been a admin :)
Why should i pick you: i like to help others and new people and help build ;)
Why should i trust you: i have gone on 100/200 servers and i have been banned 4 times maybe, and the 5th time was yesterday and i was doing the same thing now. i told him to read this and he said no, and banned me for no reason.
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by stugace » 4/5/2012

mynumberis2 wrote:Mod
Recent Servers:Rome-Craft, xTnzCraft
Have you been a Mod before:No but I have my own server (xTnzCraft) and Admin on RomeCraft
Why should I pick you: I know the stress of having your own server and I love to help people thats why I think I would make a good mod!
Why Should i trust you: I think you should trust me because, 1. I earn all straight A's in school 2. Never been in serous trouble 3. Never been banned form servers 4. I think I am a trust worthy person I try not to break promises and Ya!

You were on Romecraft for only a few days and you were never an Admin. Just to let these people know..
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by Dave the Dude » 4/5/2012

Recent Servers: CannibasCraft
Have you been a Mod before: Yes on couple of server but they have shut down
Why should I pick you: I am on Minecraft everyday and i will look over server and i am pretty hard on griefing actually very hard.
Why Should i trust you: You should trust me because i help out with the community and do what i can for everyone on the server i like to build so i can help with that.

Thank you
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