TEKKIT! {Cracked} {Tekkit Download if you dont have it}

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by NinjaNos » 10/31/2012

Just made a new Cracked Tekkit server so if your Non-Premium and want to play tekkit Multiplayer then this is the server your looking for!

You can download Tekkit Launcher Cracked here

Just run the "Launcher 1013 by B35A13" with Java!

Enter a Valid Minecraft Username and Password (dosent need to be Premium)

If you dont have a minecraft user, just go here! http://www.Minecraft.net

This is Hamachi:

NinjaNos Tekkit 1
NinjaNos Tekkit 2
NinjaNos Tekkit 3
NinjaNos Tekkit 4
NinjaNos Tekkit 5

Pass: 123

I will add more if they got full!

If you get an error from the Launcher or anything just say so!
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by noahwilson » 11/8/2012

I tryed but it didnt do anything whats server IP?
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