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by ScorpioServo » 10/27/2016

Hello All!

I am ScorpioServo and my team and I have partnered with LinardMinecraft to create a large MMO/RPG style server using his map "Kingdom of Galekin". ... n-1803290/

We plan to have a large quest system with hero classes, skills, and leveling. Almost every house in the map with be purchasable or for rent. Mob arenas will be available for grinding, Full open exploration and adventure. Kit pvp in the cities and much more as well!

Anyone who is familiar with this map know that it is MASSIVE and very complex. Therefore it is going to take some time to create what we are imagining. We are beginning work on creating an amazing experience using the world and we need help! Anyone who is experienced with server work is welcomed to apply! Also we need creative minds! If you are good at writing quests or anything rpg related we would love to work with you! The position has an opportunity for pay as well. There are a few requirements though.

You must be 16 years old and able to prove it.
You must have skype.
You must be able to be working with us a decent amount of time a week

If you are interested or have any questions please contact me on skype at the username: boxofunknown

Thank you all! :D

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