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by Skilhgt » 4/14/2012

Hi there. I am hosting a server and have a creative world, I have got plots but need a plot plugin, e.g: /plot claim /plot free etc..
I was wondering if someone knows a plugin or if they could develop one.


P.S: Ip for my server is
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by Th3Pr3datorXP » 4/14/2012

Towny plugin or Worldguard.
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by kyllingman2 » 4/14/2012

That plugin is called "MyPlot" or "MooglePlots", and it's made and updated my a guy called Haxtor Moogle. He sells the plugin for real money. You may read this: Here is hes profile on, you should send him a PM there and ask for your Skype. A little tip is to have your server very organized, he likes that :).

If you don't want to spend money on a plugin like that, I would recommend you to use
InfiniteClaims and InfinitePlots. They are generating a world (you need a type of multi-world plugin) were it's only plots, once you enter the world you get your plot protected and your home set there. You have to set it up and give the permissions. Her's the links:

Have a nice day,
- kyllingman2
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