Sole Skinner: Season 1 [WEEK 1]

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Sole Skinner is a skin battle league where contestants skin their way to earn the title of Sole Skinner! Each round will have a different theme. From start to finish, a season may take around 8 weeks to be complete, if everything goes smoothly.

How Does This Work?
- Contestants will be split by 2 teams. The teams will be drawn randomly.

- Every round will have a different theme - no palettes.

- Every skin will be judged separately. They will be added up and divided by the amount of skinners in that team. After 3 weeks, the team with the less average will lose 3 skinners with the least amount of points in the game.

- The merge will then take place.

- During the merge, rounds will progress like normal but the 2 skinners with the least amount of points will be eliminated. This will continue until we have a final 3.

- In the final round, the final 3 will make a skin and the winner will be decided by a public community poll.

Rules And Regulations
- If a contestant doesn’t post their skin, they will receive 0 points that round, meaning if their team loses the round, they will be automatically eliminated. If there are more than 1 that didn’t post a skin in the losing team, the person eliminated will be decided by a draw.

- All skins created must follow all the Site Rules, including the Submission Guidelines.

- To qualify for Sole Skinner, you will need to at least be Level 2.

- You are put on the Hall Of Fame in this thread.
- Bragging rights.
- Wearing the title of Sole Survivor with pride.

Current Season
Sole Skinner: Season 1

Status: Week 1!
The Tribes

Week 1
Medieval Times: Make a skin of a character or creature you would see from the Medieval times!

You will have until the 20th of March, 12am, Monday, Washington time to make and post your skin. Here is the countdown.
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03/20/2017 6:59 am
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To let everyone finish their skins, the deadline has been extended to exactly a week from now. Here is the countdown.

Good luck everyone!




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