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1.15.1 Survival servers

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jonaman started 02/27/2020 9:16 am
Hello everyone

I've recently started a minecraft server and worked hard on making it what it is.

We currently have a small community and would love to grow that.

If you'd like to give the server a try here is a description of what we have added along with the IP:

Minecraft survival server 1.15.1
Our server adds Items to Minecraft without the need to install mods. We made it possible to add far over 400 new Items and Blocks. Some of these include:
*More plants
*Nuclear Reactors
*A Magic Altar, Runes and Wands
*Item Transport Systems
*Energy Networks
*Electric Machines
*Programmable Androids (Mining Robots)
*Hologram Projectors
*Explosive Pickaxes
*and many, many, many, many more... *ULTRA HARDCORE NETHER WITH CUSTOM MOBS Every week => small update , Every month a HUGE update ! Interested ? Join us now : See you soon ! DISCLAIMER : this project is this in development and in beta release please keep in mind that some buggs can appear ty for understanding. The ultimate survival team
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