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A new idea for Troll Battle

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created 12/10/2019 9:26 am by _Mark
If you don't know what Troll Battle is,its a minigame where 2 people make maps that troll each other(like fake floor,unexpected teleports,and even TNT AND EXPLOSIONS),then try to complete each others maps without dying alot.
I have a idea that(unfortunely) requires a mod named Touhou Items,because there is an item named Wall-Passing Chisel which is what is says on the tin(aka teleports you through walls),so That is what we need for our idea.
How it plays out:
The person starts on a glass maze(not big,but not too small),and they have to get to the door.
When they complete the maze,they find out that they CANT get to the door because of glass blocking the way.
Then they notice a few chests,that contain clues about some random chisel,and they scatter EVERY single one.
Finally,they find the chisel in a hidden chest in a small lobby they were in,and try teleporting out.
Or do they?
They,instead of getting through the maze like a pro,they fall into a small pit (this will happen on every side EXCEPT behind because they will escape the map).
There they can mine their way (or just use the chisel) to a small room.
That's it!Now you can continue the scenario with anything you like!
BUT There's a Catch:You cant use TNT(AKA Explosions),NSFW Content (the kids will get scared),and thats it!
Have fun!

Have fun,Mark

(P.S. you can submit me your maps to play,so that i will rate then on a 1>10 scale,and have fun doing it!)
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