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Bullshit Duplicate Sever Detection

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created 12/18/2011 3:33 pm by BeastsMC
Alright, so I tried to post my second server yesterday, and it blocked me saying I could post only one. I messaged moderators, no response.
Today, I tried to update my primary server's post. We had been running a temp server off of the same IP that we made another post for, but that server closed and the main one returned, so we deleted that post. So I edit the post, click update, and I get blocked. It says it's detected a duplicate, and that I should just edit the change log. I try to go back to the server post, but thanks to an automatic system, that post has been deleted.

That post had all of our info and recommendations on it, but this shitty automated system deleted it and replaced it with the post for the temp server with absolutely no info in it. What is this? I'm all for detecting duplicate servers, but not if the system is so poorly made that it will be deleting regular servers because it thinks you're trying to post it again.

In short, I MAD BRO.
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