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Can't save and upload.

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created 08/24/2012 4:40 pm by alexbeast12
last reply 08/24/2012 9:37 pm
Whenever I try to save my blog, it says undefined.
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Level 27 : Expert Geek
R.I.P. This thread died because it's been inactive for months. You are unable to post new replies but feel free to read! If you feel this thread should be active again, message a moderator.

2 replies

08/24/2012 9:37 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Pig
I would recommend clearing your cache as that usually helps with any given problem with your browser and PMC. If this was just a couple of hours ago, PMC was temproarily down, so posting was disabled for that moment.
08/24/2012 5:23 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Modder
Whenever I try to save or upload my mod, it says invalid or corrupt .zip file. I'm thinking PMC uploading is down?

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