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Hey guys I'm new to this forum. I have a big problem. When my friend tries to connect it says: Connection refused: connect. I have portforwarded both modem and router. My router is a: Sitecom WL-153. And my modem: Copperjet 1616-2P. I have portforwarded in firewall too. Only hamachi works, but It's gonna be a public server so hamachi is not the best option. Can ya guys help me? Do you guys know a free hosting. I want to buy it, but I dont have a bank and credit card. I'm only 13. I live in Netherlands. Do you guys know how to earn money online? So I can buy it. And paying the hosting with donations. I asked my parents to buy a hosting, but they dont trust it. Can you guys help this poor kid? Thanks.
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01/04/2012 9:31 am
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1. make sure you clicked the start.bat file to start your server
2. go to IPchiken.com and see your ip. thats the address your friend had to type in.
3. do not write your ipv4 adress! people could get into your router!
4. you cant make money online unless you are 18

if something specific didnt work, PM me




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