Copper Golem Uses/Interesting Ideas Based on the Teaserandroid

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Samurai Sins started 10/14/21 4:15 am history
and replied 10/14/2021 4:57 am
I originally commented some ideas on the thread by Nitgo but I decided to post the ideas on this discussion to ask others on their input and Their own ideas on what they can be used for

Ideas I can think with a copper golem:

1) Statues for decoration

2) Auto-matic DJ:

My best idea is if you make a note block system that imitates real world music (or your own music) you might be able to automatically repeat them. This might be achieved by making the golem press a button and using a auto timer build to move the golem around (maybe in a minecart or some other timing method) for however long the music is to restart it once it finishes

(A)-useful for maps and personal Themes when entering a base or custom maps

imagine a scary sound effect playing when entering a custom made Ancient castle or ruins

(B)-Players might be able to create a custom Set of music by using the AI's ability to target unpressed buttons (In theory)

Cons: Needs lighting to restore him or some other method

Simple timing Device i was thinking of, assuming they fit in minecarts

im sure someone smart will be able to improve on this

3)if someone needs to load a chunk for them to move it might be theoretically possible to setup a auto turret system or tnt system with a dispenser

granted you might lose some tnt/arrows/fireball charges from being in the chunk to make it but u can create an auto defense system for a base u dont use often on servers

best use is probably in factions or Anarchy servers

Theoretically It might be possible to set it on a timer using a minecart or if it doesn't fit, use a boat system and cob webs (Example above)
(A)- Could be used to defend a pearl in an unloaded chunk, incase someone stumbles into one of the loaded pearl locations u wont be completely defenseless

Cons: once again they decay

4) If they can operate a button grinder for mobs maybe that'll be of use (no exp tho)

might only work if the golem counts as a "Player hit" will need to know when its in the game

Something like this:

But Copper golems might make this as simple as placing a button and letting them press it

Cons: With Time they corrode and u need a restorative method and I do not know if the Golems button pressing abilities will allow items to drop

5) Possibly throw snowballs into end crystals by pressing a button with a dispenser and a timer device

(A)- Probably used on an anarchy server or trolling friends

when they load a chunk or if u know where they logged out they might be in for a surprise

Cons: Hard to implement but possible

6) Operate Redstone doors for bases as shown in the trailer

7) (Ill post any ideas as i get them or comment suggestions)

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Samurai Sins
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Sorry if my rambling is hard to read its 3am and i never did a discussion post before

if u need me to clear anything up with my ideas just ask! and ill try to fix them to be more understanding for future readers
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Harita Ustasi
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Time is 12 am pm in my country. :D
10/14/2021 4:51 am
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Samurai Sins
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Ah yes a fellow creature of the night

10/14/2021 4:54 am
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Harita Ustasi
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Upps 11.54 am mean 12 pm. I wrote false.
10/14/2021 4:57 am
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Samurai Sins
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its cool, anytime is technically after midnight

but I hope u have a good day
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