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Fan-made Contests: What we need to do...

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created 07/19/2018 12:37 pm by Darth Spookoden
last reply 07/23/2018 2:15 pm
Hello everyone!

It's Mr. President here (Just kidding.)

Its me, Darth Theoden

And I'm not here to talk about contests or cheeseburgers.

I am here to talk about... fan-made contests.

Fan-made contests are cool enough. I've joined a few that are good and have a cool theme that intrigues me.

Now, this next part, just a heads-up DinowCookie, I'm not mad at you and trying to rant about you. No hard feelings, okay?

But I feel like after the Madness skin contest, with level feature, (and the blog How To Organize a successful contest on PMC.)

There was an explosion of skin contests. Like, there's too many.

I Might be sounding like I'm complaining, and maybe I am. I need to get my thoughts out there

Now, I know the people of PMC have the right to make fan-made contests.

I just feel like we need to simmer down of the contests.

Some are actually good contests, like Hatsy's Simpilistic contest and DinowCookie's cute vs. creepy skin contest.

But the majority of them aren't that good in my opinion

Oh, and there's so many fan-made contests, I've seen a full list of 'em.

That, in my opinion, is alot.

What we could do as PMC members is simmer down on contests and make sure if we do make one, we gotta make with complete info and, quoting DinowCookie, "A broad theme."

This concludes this brief forum.

Share your opinion down below.

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Darth Spookoden
Level 30 : Artisan Lego Builder

6 replies

07/19/2018 9:20 pm
Level 44 : Master Dinosaur
No hard feelings. :) I'm actually pretty overwhelmed by the explosion of the amount of skin contests. On one hand I love seeing it, it's a good test to see just how many contests the PMC community can handle at once. On the other hand I think it maaay have gotten a bit out of hand. It was not really my intention to cause an overflow. I clearly stated in my blog that starting a new contest while a lot are already happening is not a great idea. And I'm sure it's not all because of my blog or my madness contest, I think people follow each others example. :)

But I don't feel like we need to "do something about it" or try and have less community skin contests. People will find out soon enough that the community is over-saturated with skin contests and it will result in fewer entries per contest. In the end the better organized ones will succeed more than the less well-organized ones, people may start trying harder to make their contests better. I think it will play out just fine without any interference. :)

As for the amount of entries per contest, from what I've seen, most of the contests that are being organized are still getting quite some entries, and I love seeing that. I also try to participate in as many as I can myself. Trying to spread the word, encourage people, get people to participate. It does seem to have a positive effect. PMC is great fun at the moment! :D

Only thing I'd maybe like to see "change" is the amount of contests for different categories. That's why I started a build contest recently, and why I have some other plans on the shelf that aren't skin-related. Would be nice to have more of those too. ^_^

And about themes; there's something to say for both broad and narrow themes :) both have their own advantages and I don't think there's a better choice per say. All I can say about that is that if you're an inexperienced judge (or if you don't have much time to judge), you can make your life easier by choosing a narrow theme. :P

That "list" you're referring to, does that happen to be the index I made? ;)
07/23/2018 2:15 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Lego Builder
Darth Spookoden
What i mean is I think are community needs to realize how many contests there are

And im glad there's no hard feelings -exhales-
07/19/2018 12:55 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Botanist
I think it's always been like this, but organization has just put it into perspective just how many there really are.

& as long as the contests all have different concepts/themes I'm fine with them. There's a contest for everyone.
07/19/2018 1:32 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
While I do agree that some of them are not that broad or a theme may not suit me, many people like contests and a lot of people make contests, you can't just say some contests are bad because there's too many, you can't treat it like the only issues are contests that you may not like, it's not like there's too many though. Sure there's probably around 20, but each one has a different theme, like not everyone wants to make a monster skin, some people may prefer making humans, and some people may not be able to do something as complex as a limited palette contest, but thats completely ok, theres tons of contests and everyone can do what they want. Sorry if I'm rambling but all this post sounded like was a rant. And you telling us to "simmer down on contests" is really bugging me because everyone has an equal right to make contests, if the issue was everyone making 100 contests each, then yes I'd agree, but at the moment the only way to "simmer down" is to actually not make contests, and some people just want to make them. I've done it to, and to me there's nothing I can do to simmer down but do not post contests, but to be honest, I feel this sounds like a rant of how only creative people with good contests should be allowed to post contests, and to be honest, It kinda offends me and probably others, as a lot of work is put into a contest, that's like saying, "Stop painting, because there's too many paintings, only good artists should paint" sorry if this turned into a rant about your rant, that's not what this was meant to be at first.
07/19/2018 3:00 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Lego Builder
Darth Spookoden
I stated specifically in the post:

Now, I know the people of PMC have the right to make fan-made contests.

And this post wasn't really a rant, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

I'm sorry if you think it was a rant.
07/19/2018 8:30 pm
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
I understand that completely but what I'm saying mainly is if you want us to "simmer down" i mean how would we do that, we aren't a hive mind, so i think if every contest is hosted by dif ppl and there arent many by same ppl theres no way to "simmer down"

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