Fatal Error (4) Permission Denied Connect

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Hi. I know that there are a million articles before me about this, and I tryed them all, and they don't work. I tryed:
-Reinstaling Java
-Deleting the .minecraft folder
-adding the minecraft.jar file back to the empty minecraft folder
There is more, but I cant think of them now.
I'm using this weird portable version, that works fine, and looks like the normal launcher, but isn't the same, and I would like to use the official version. I had just bought then full game yesterday and was trying to set up a server. After a while of not connecting to my server, I got a error (i think it was the 'fatal error 4 permission denied connect error) . So I remembered a video that said to delete the minecraft folder when this happened, but it only made it worse. When I login to minecraft, (and by the way, i have that weird news error that dosen't show anything but a line of code, if that may some how connect with this problem) its says would I like to update. When I click yes, it gives me the "fatal error 4 permission denied connect". If I click not now, I will load, then freeze at the "Done Loading" screen. I think I had fixed the done loading thing before, but I think these are somehow related. Also, the game works with the news and updates fine on my Mac.
Could it possibly be the Firewall?
Thanks for reading my post. Please help me.
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07/02/2012 12:30 am
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YES YES YES. OK, I found out how to fix it by my self. It all was because of the Minecraft not connecting to the internet. So....I allowed it on the firewall i have, and everything works great! Hope this helps someone else!
06/26/2012 2:40 am
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Thanks for the reply. I have sent a message to Mojang because they were my only choice.
06/25/2012 5:47 pm
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You can use your mac in the meanwhile. You'll need professional help. Try asking someone who works at a repair shop.




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