Give me inspiration on an RPG Skill that you like.all_inclusive

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4/12/2022 1:38 am
After creating about 50 different RPG skills for my maps:
Monster Defense
Protectors Of Myrunir
(Shameless self-promotion c: )

I came dry out of ideas of what skills I make next. And I won't just search up RPG games skills and outright copy them either.
So I ask you, Planet Minecraft Community.. to give me ideas about an RPG skill.

Please suggest in the following format:
Skill Effect :
(just roughly, like e.g: it does damage, and boost attack, and shields yourself, etc.)
Skill Visual : (Describe how it looks in your imagination)

If I think you suggested me a good idea, I will diamond some of your submissions and tag you here, and credit
you if I decided to make the skill based on your suggestion in my map.
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04/12/2022 1:38 am
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Holy laser

Essentially a way more powerful version of magic missile that pierces through walls and mobs doing plenty of damage and healing allies who get hit by it substantially, so it works as a offense and defense spell

Cost: 1 pinnacle of exellence
Activation item: Diamond


A holy blessing held within a sacred stone, enemies wither and allies thrive in its blessed light. This spell is used often by the Gilded Paladin's archmages.
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