Having problems with feeling invisible.

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Ender The Cat started 09/25/2020 5:21 pm history
mgsuco replied 09/26/2020 9:04 am
So lately, after I finish school work and eat, I've been playing MCPE

But the problem is, I only have server that knows me, and I really only ever get noticed on servers with under 10-5 players... and I'm basicly just a ghost on servers bigger than that that I havent been on for too long. You can even ask around - I'm pretty much a ghost on here too. I only have a few subscibers that are subbed because I try to be active on their server but then it shuts down and stop communicating.

Help me.
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Ender The Cat
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09/25/2020 5:25 pm
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I can relate to that; the bigger servers are often more chaotic and tend to spend less time focusing on individuals rather than groups.
09/25/2020 6:34 pm
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look! an invisible thread!
09/26/2020 6:12 am
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I should re-word this to sound less harsh, but on big servers, you have to do something "special" either good or bad in order to make a name for yourself on them. And doing that takes an insane amount of time and dedication. Doing good would be helping so many people you become moderator / admin. Doing bad would be stealing items, being unfair - generally just being a jerk without breaking server rules.

Smaller servers don't really have the same. Being active on them is enough to get you noticed because they are so small. I don't know what kind of servers you play on, but if you're into creative servers, then I run a small server called GreenLeaf Creative that you'd always be welcome in. And I can promise you, that having run the server for over 6 years... I don't intend on ever closing it ;D

About the whole being a ghost on PMC thing.
I'll send you a link to it via PM's on the 3. October, but I'm releasing a blog that explains how you can avoid this on PMC, but a general tip is to be active on the forums of PMC. You'll often see people like me roaming the forums ever so often, which has helped me get to where I am now :)
09/26/2020 8:23 am
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Can I join the server too? :D
09/26/2020 8:30 am
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Everyone is welcome ;p
09/26/2020 9:04 am
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Oh just saw that it's a creative server and I'm not really good at building lol
But maybe I'll join later
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