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How do you animate armor?

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created 07/15/2019 8:09 pm by NickTheCarrot history
last reply 07/17/2019 3:26 am
No I don't mean the armor items, I mean the armor that's displayed on the player. I want to learn how to animate that. Could anyone give some in-depth ideas on how to?
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5 replies

07/17/2019 3:26 amhistory
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Peridot XJ9
Well, I'm not sure what you mean by I want to animate the armor on my player, but for my guess, it all amounts to shading. Wherever the sun is placed in any style of animation (2D/3D), you have to make sure the lighter part of the armor is directly near it, while the shading gets darker from the opposite part of it. As for moonlight (in Flash), you have to add a blue 30-20% opacity layer over your character, in which you can simply copy your character as an object (You can tell if your character doesn't show any dots), paste that over the original by using the "paste in place" option, double click and simply select your character. I know the moonlight part sounds complicated, but it's actually really easy and hard to explain into words. Here are a few examples I drew in Flash (Note, the shading technique works in any style of animation, whether it be Traditional/Digital drawings or CGI):
07/16/2019 11:50 pm
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2D or 3D? or are you using some kind of motion graphics? If you've ever seen Animation vs Minecraft, the guy who made it gives a behind the scenes video where he explains how he got the armor done using only Adobe Flash:
07/16/2019 11:23 pm
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optifine CEM
07/16/2019 11:42 pmhistory
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Mind going into more detail?

Actually never mind. I searched it and I'm amazed. I might try this XD
07/15/2019 8:29 pm
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Well...…….I wish I knew :I

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