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How to make a map and upload it

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created 08/21/2018 5:45 am by Jaydenflurry
I know that a lot of people don't know how to make maps and upload them. I didn't know how to either. So I want to show you guys how to make maps and upload them too! So, first off, create your world. Build you map however you want to. (Here's a tip, if you don't know how to use command blocks then use signs and redstone) Once your finished, press the Windows key and R at the same time. It will open up run. Type in, %appdata%\.minecraft\ Once you do that press ok. It will open up a folder. You should see from top to bottom, "assets, config, crash reports, local, mods, resource packs, resources, saves, screenshots, and versions. (out of breath) So now, double click saves. You should see your world somewhere in saves. Right click on the world and click copy. Now go to your background screen. Right click, press new, and then click folder. Name the folder whatever you want. I named mine, "Minecraft Maps" so I know its the maps. Now, right click on the folder and click paste into. Now, right click on the world that's in the folder and click send to, then press, "Compressed Zip Folder". Once you do that, go to Planet Minecraft. (Which is what your on of course) Go to, "My Submissions" (Which is next to your account symbol, and the button you click is an arrow.) then at the top look for a button called, "New Submission" and then click it. It will ask if you want to make a blog, server, texture, skin, mod, ore project. Click project. Now, choose all of your things you want to make the map have in editing. (Which is category, title, description, etc.) Now you can add a image and video or multiple images. Once you complete that, click the "Upload File" button. Then look for your world file. Once you find it, click save! Now you have made your first map! Congratulations! If you need any further help, message me. Also, there will be a poll asking if this helped you. Make sure to respond to the poll! :D
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