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How to remove pixels from a skin in the editor?

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created 08/20/2018 11:59 pm by OwOof
last reply 08/21/2018 12:52 am
I'm editing a skin that has a lot of transparent pixels. I find that when I try to erase more pixels, it just shows a white pixel (the background color) taking its place, instead of removing it completely.
I also find that when I draw over these invisible pixels and try to erase them, they also become white, losing any previous transparency.

For reference, I'm trying to tweak a skin of this character:
The goal is to hollow out portions of the torso to give him better proportions.
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08/21/2018 12:10 am
Level 27 Expert Network
I'm assuming what you mean is you're trying to erase parts to try to create the form of the character, in which to erasing pixels that are there already you can't because Minecraft doesn't support transparent pixels on the skins, only the head armor layer (Or hat layer) supports transparency.

As for when you draw over invisible pixels and it becomes white, it depends on if you're doing color or just erasing again, as the white is it showing those pixels are "gone" / transparent. Theres no actual pixels there, you can't erase them. If you're drawing over it with a new color, and that color is turning white without that color being white, I've no clue.
Sorry I don't fully understand what you're talking about but I tried to explain my best. :< hope it helps a little, and hopefully others see this and help better than I did
08/21/2018 12:25 am
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This is the skin I am editing: https://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/canti/

Here is a transparent portion:
Now look at the the difference when I click "Erase" on one of these invisible pixels.

And here's an attempt to erase a pixel already present.

So the appearance of the white pixels show that either transparency doesn't work in this editor, or it works and displays incorrectly. I haven't tested out which, but I'm going to assume that it'll just show white in-game instead of transparent.

And transparency IS supported. It just isn't clear on these editors how to replicate it, or how much is uploadable. I bet it's discouraged because of the possible pvp exploits, but that will hinder skin designers like me from using it artistically.

I may just have to manually edit the skin in a program like photoshop, but that's my last resort and uses up a lot of extra time.

***Transparency is supported in certain editors, but NOT in-game. Sorry about the mixup. I'm still curious if this editor can place transparent pixels on the main body.
08/21/2018 12:52 am
Level 27 Expert Network
I have tested in the editor and the answer is no, it cannot actually do transparency. It appears that when you erase a pixel (in attempt to get transparency), the editor itself will change it to white on the actual skin. So, while no Minecraft doesn't support transparency (It'll just turn up black in-game) the editor doesn't either, it just replaces the erased pixels with white. Likely the skin you're editing was made in a different program such as Miners Need Cool Shoes, or Skindex, but I believe only a few of them actually give you the full on transparency instead of just white.

TLDR, It's the editor, yeah




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