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I need Video editors.

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created 10/21/2017 11:25 pm by BlockBuster2V
Hello PlanetMinecraft, I have a youtube channel called Anything Minecraft and it is lacking one thing. Well other then a voice... Editing! All i can/know how to edit rn is Music, TimeLapses and all that stuff. But i was asking the community of Planet Minecraft to see if anyone was bored and was good at editing! also i dont care about the age i just care about if your good at editing or not! My Info: I am 18 years old I don't have a mic but we can chat through discord where i will be sending you links to raw video files so you can edit it! I have 4 subscribers but i keep making videos like i had a fan base.... I'm just trying to get better at Youtube. Alright if you wanna be an Editor for my videos Here is my Discord Where you can PM Me from there. blockbuster2v #5441 If that dosen't work just go here and find BlockBuster2V or Look at the Owner tab! https://discord.gg/VrJyG3R Hope you all have a good day! -BlockBuster2V Or Anything Minecraft P.S Here is a link to my youtube channel But if you wanna search it up in youtube you need to type in Jadedfox35 because of a Youtube Glitch https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZBP5boWt1AcdWBEmZJlpw Another P.S If you don't have discord reply on this Thread and We will find a way to chat!!!!
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