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Is your dream to become a master professional minecraft player? Creator and builder.

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created 11/08/2019 10:10 pm by aghostess
last reply 11/10/2019 12:33 pm
my best advice for people wanting to become a master at Minecraft.
write down your ideas.
make video projects to post online and get feedback and develop more ideas with others .
learn more from the minecraft community.
develop your ideas by vivid imagination.
think about not Just a building in real life but how you picture building within your imagination ideas.
vivid imagination is seeing a vision of your minecraft world and applying it to virtual world.

ideas and building structures you can create in Minecraft and master.

1 : add more extensions to your project or conjoin another area of work to your field and area.

2: make underground structures and above and ground or on sea structures in your minecraft world.

3: gather ideas by what other builds you can design or create online they always help to see other peoples projects to help build your own.

4: talk and discuss your projects with others whether it’s online or in real life.

5: add extensions to your ideas and designs and script and scetch them out on paper.

hope that has helped.
can I discuss my build ideas with you?
Can we chat?
Thank you.
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11/10/2019 12:33 pm
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Oh man- I feel this

I visualize mc structures and skins so much that sometimes I even dream about it

Like- I play in this medieval roleplay server and I've had whole dreams of making up characters, going through with skinning them, and building them a house

So much so that when I wake up sometimes I can't tell if I actually did it or not haha- luckily so far I've been able to write those ideas and dreams down, and even draw characters I dream about (I'm an amateur artist)

So yes, visualizing and thinking how things translate to the virtual mc world DEFINETLY does help, and so does looking at other people's buildings (and even skins, this applies to that too) for either inspiration or to get motivated to work on projects

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