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Looking for inspiration for my 15th Banner here on Planet Minecraft!

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_CrazehCatLadeh started 09/15/2018 12:30 pm
Electr01 replied 09/15/2018 6:14 pm

I've made all of 14 beautiful Minecraft banners, and I'm reaching out to you guys, the readers, makers, and do-ers of the Planet Minecraft site, to give me some inspiration for what my magic One-Fiver should be!

Please comment below, and if you see one you like, just like it! Whichever one the people of Planet Minecraft like best, I'll go and make!

Keep it PG, please! Nothing young minds should be exposed to!

Bear in mind that it can be any object that I pull for inspiration, example: toaster. Will I make a toaster banner? Or maybe just a banner that was inspired by the thought of a toaster (like a piece of toast)? That's for the artist to decide :P

Any ties will be decided upon by yours truly :)

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1 reply

09/15/2018 6:14 pm
Level 27 : Expert Network
If you were the king of the nether, what would your banner look like?
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