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created 07/23/2019 11:04 pm by CyberNinja_
Moving is a normal phenomenon that most humans would have to experience and endure in their life. Moving is moving everything out of your current house and moving to an improved living space. Most people go through and in my 15-year life. I only moved twice:

1.) I and my cousins all moved into a huge house, almost to the point to call it a mansion. I was 1 and didn't really get to enjoy the feeling of the house, but my cousins had a lot of fun there. And also there were stories escalating in that house which means we could all tell a story that would make us laugh. One time my brother, and cousin found a humongous spider. And my cousins would run around the house a lot that it was absolutely massive.

2.) My second house, this is when I and my cousins split houses and moved to different areas. We lived in this house for most of our life and it was the source to all my memories, I got so used to the feeling, that, I kind of remembered everything in that house and even knew what the smell was like. This house had a majority of our memories, from hearing a ghost in that house, or to set up slumber parties. Our backyard in that place was massive, one of my closest friends told me it was a paradise, the tiles and the marble was placed very nicely, there was a huge garden, and even a fountain that resembled a waterfall.

3.) So I literally just moved into the house I currently live in. And it's by far the nicest house I've ever been too, it was actually kind of big too, not a mansion just bigger than average. The stairs were made out of black marble, the garage was massive, there was a nice pathway, and there was a fricken bar in the basement which looking at it now was a great place to set my laptop in. There was also so many mayflies there that it would completely be swarming our car, the bugs weren't harmful, just annoying.

Tell me your stories about what all your houses have been like!
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