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My Minecraft p.c Idea’s and reviews blog.

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aghostess started 03/29/2020 11:55 pm
Biome type. High rise and low rise birchwood And oakwood forests and cliffs.

building : fortress strongholds,decking and wood houses complexes.
Bases will be complexes above ground and underground.
railways and auto farms. Nether fortress bases inside nether and outside nether.
weat and veggie produce farms manual farming with cows,sheep and chickens.

breed animals outside above ground and breed animals underground.

mining . Mining will be complexed building underground bases ,houses and pyramids.

tower type. High fortress towers and water moats.

nether building type. Complex bases and fort building.

aim of the entire world. Explore and build and discover and produce as you see fit.

other underground creations: lava tunnels and lava entrances with halls of fire and lava with glass.

above ground creations: complexes and fortress links to other bases and railway roads that lead further away from current base to another base.

type of construction building. Mass building in random places around the world through colonization of each area things must be built.
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