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Need someone who can record.

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created 08/26/2011 10:31 am by Datastalker

My name is Datastalker, owner of a 55 slot server hosted by redstonehosting.

Currently me and a friend are having problems recording our minecraft lets play/RP series for youtube, because of the recording programs we are using, so we need someone who can record in [HD] then send us the file so we can put it on our youtube channel for publicity.

We do welcome the person who is recording to join in with us, and ofc help give his/her constructive opinion on what can be improved/deproved only if you have a working microphone and skype.

You will need to apply, but dont worry it wont take long.

Heres the template -


Age :

Whereabouts? (what country/timezone) :

Experience with minecraft overall? :

What program you use to record and why? :

Do you have skype and a working microphone? :

Whats you're skype username? :

Tell me a little about you'reself? (Optional) :

Thats it, if you dont have skype and a working microphone, then theres no point applying, also if ure 13 yrs old or under, you wont even get a reply.

Thanks, and i hope to speak to you soon!

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