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DarthRiddle1/4/13 5:17 pm
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1/4/2013 9:31 pm

I'm in the Dallas Texas area and have been having the same issues I will describe below from multiple city locations in the metroplex.

Initial site connection:

1. I can sometimes reach www.planetminecraft.com and sometimes the page times out. All other websites such as YouTube, Google, CNN ect are fine and working.
2. If I do reach the site try and submit photos to my projects the site hangs and never uploads, then for a period of time the site is completely unreachable.

Have you had any localized reports like mine that you have seen?

This has been going on since Wednesday Night 1-2-13

Thank you,

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01/04/2013 9:31 pm
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I received some offline info from Cyprezz that clears it up for my issue. Your all right, its a combination of the ddos issues and also that Dallas is the pipeline for the middle USA. This site is amazing. Ill do my part by sizing down my pictures to help in a small way.
I'm very confident that the issues were all facing are on the top of his mind and he is working diligently to solve them all.
01/04/2013 5:59 pm
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DDoSing might be the problem. A user called Popperchit has done many minor hacks to PMC to edit skins and the forum, he might be launching DDoS.
01/04/2013 5:58 pm
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01/04/2013 5:51 pm
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I just tryed something different and was able to log in, upload my pics. The default text says up to 5MB. I scaled my pics down to 250K and they immediatly uploaded and the site did not crash.
I wonder if the default rules have changed but they are just not changed on the site. Maybe to avoid high bandwidth traffic with to high of quality pics ect.

No telling.
01/04/2013 5:41 pm
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Sometimes PMC gets overloaded with visitors and can't handle it. Happens to me too. And it's really annoying.
01/04/2013 5:38 pm
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A little more info:
I was able to post these questions and then went to upload a pic to my project that i cant post till i can get pics in. And BAMO! Site unreachable for 7 minutes.

traceroute to planetminecraft.com (, 25 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 ( 0.289 ms 0.271 ms 0.344 ms
2 ae11.dar01.sr01.wdc01.networklayer.com ( 0.161 ms 0.156 ms 0.143 ms
3 ae8.bbr01.eq01.wdc02.networklayer.com ( 10.831 ms ae8.bbr02.eq01.wdc02.networklayer.com ( 0.860 ms 0.868 ms
4 ae7.bbr02.eq01.wdc02.networklayer.com ( 1.016 ms 0.734 ms 0.724 ms
5 ae7.bbr01.eq01.chi01.networklayer.com ( 19.013 ms ae1.bbr02.eq01.chi01.networklayer.com ( 19.117 ms 19.081 ms
6 ae7.bbr01.eq01.chi01.networklayer.com ( 18.671 ms equinix-chi.liquidweb.com ( 19.163 ms 18.774 ms
7 equinix-chi.liquidweb.com ( 18.861 ms ( 30.572 ms 30.283 ms
8 lw-dc3-dist8-po6.rtr.liquidweb.com ( 29.979 ms ( 30.425 ms lw-dc3-dist8-po6.rtr.liquidweb.com ( 30.098 ms * lw-dc3-dist8-po6.rtr.liquidweb.com ( 29.864 ms

Any of this help?
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