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Somebody should make a *good* Minecraft Story Mode

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created 11/09/2019 11:07 am by Cracjaw Numb
last reply 11/09/2019 11:29 am
I honestly think that someone should make a Minecraft campaign, I know there was a Story Mode, but that isn't exactly very good, I like the story, but the gameplay isn't Minecraft at all!! Minecraft is already the best selling video game of all time, so why not make a map that tells the history of Minecraft, Mojang, please listen to me!! This campaign would have to have actual Minecraft graphics, maybe where the monsters have taken over the world or something. For famous warriors and famed heroes, use some actual usernames, ShrunkFeather, Unspeakable, Thinknoodles. Maybe bring in some lore like Herobrine, Junkboy, maybe even some Entity 303? Please Mojang! take all this into consideration and create a good Minecraft story mode!
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Cracjaw Numb
Level 9 : Apprentice Narwhal

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11/09/2019 11:29 amhistory
Level 37 : Artisan Fish
I COULD make a campaign mode but eh . ..
I got better things to do xDD

Edit: Oh! just as advice if you or anyone tries to make a thing; get a better writer than story mode.
You can't rely on references. I'm a writer and a programmer/level designer as well and here's just pointers on what made story mode suck so much:

- there was no game
- it's literally just 'press q to not die'

- Bent the rules too much i.e. the second season

- relied too much on in game references :L i.e. OH NO ITS THE ADMIN :O
- No mystery, no character and everyone freezes and won't shut up.
- Radar . . .this guy . . . just . .. NO
- Famous warriors idea is bout as good as the emoji movie
- Herobrine is just canonically a creepypasta; and the thing is that creepy pastas aren't characters, so story wise they're uninteresting. They're just creepy things with no explanation; so no motive to go behind that or oppose you. This is why horror movies tend to suck critically.
- Monsters haven't taken over, you have. Not trying to be a hippy but if you notice, the 'monsters' will only try to kill you and otherwise just chill out with all the natural wildlife. They naturally spawn. Buddy you're the intruder.

- if you add command blocks or more of the techy side to the world . . . DON'T MAKE IT SO DERN CONTRIVED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

-being able to name a hundred random locatoins that sound fancy isn't impressive and doesn't make the person look experienced it just makes them look arrogant (JACK)
- exposition dumps should be avoided at alll costs.
- Character growth, not just 'oh he's good now!' as in, the person goes through a series of small changes still in line with their morality
- if you have ancient stuff that's supposed to be all epic n kewls then

a: don't make it so you can still talk to the guys unless they're like super old (Order of the stone)

b: make it evident; like if you saw these guys or their buildings you'd go "darn these guys are old" or 'darn they're all knowing' or 'oh look! a god!'

- If you are to make lore off of this stuff follow notch's original plans and ideas; the part where a creeper has a literal block of tnt inside of him is so stupid. If that were true a parrot would have a noteblock lodged inside of him. (creepers were originally like crunchy leaves)

I'm a game developer and I could but I don't wanna

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