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Sticky Thread Cleanup and Re-vamp

submitted 08/12/2017 2:40 pm by Ralex
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Hello PMC forum users!

With the release of the new forums, we are slowly working to revamp the entire forum section so that the experience is enjoyable and so you can use our site to the best of your abilities.

With that, we will be doing different types of changes throughout the years to come.

The first change we are making and have started with is the cleanup of our stickied threads that you see in all of the sections.

If you did not know, a stickied thread is the yellow threads you see at the top of a section. Those threads will always be on the first page of a section at the very top. In most forum software, they indicate importance. You may also know of them as pinned threads, it is the same term.

For the most part, we let those threads get neglected and so they either no longer served a purpose years later or were just outright useless. Our apologies for that, and we have removed what we feel are the least relevant threads to the majority of the users who would visit that section.

We will also be rewriting some of the current stickied threads so that they are more clear. Some of them we know do not use words that make sense or seem to contradict each other. The rules that each section has will not change, but we might clarify what a rule is or why it's there.

Our philosophy with stickied threads going into the future will be that:
- Such threads would impact or contain information that matter to a majority of users, such as FAQs or explanations of things
- They should contain good language and clarity, not just 5 words that repeat the title.
- Common threads are not sticky worthy, important information can be.

We also feel that sticky threads need to be owned by a moderator account, to avoid any issues that may result from member-owned threads. As such, all threads have been changed to PMC, which indicate it's more official.

We thank you for using PMC forums and hope you continue to do so!

If you think a thread should not have been removed, please let us know. We can discuss it and either give a reason why we do not believe it should be, or restore it.
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08/12/2017 9:03 pm
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