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System/Console used to play minecraft?

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created 11/08/2019 10:32 am by jlawson
last reply 11/08/2019 6:10 pm
Just wanted to see what others are playing minecraft on and what how it works as far as smoothness running mods and maps. Lagging and FPS rate. I am looking to upgrade my Java console and wounder what types of components people use and recommend.

Thanks in advance.
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3 replies

11/08/2019 6:10 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Dragonborn
Are you asking like console or pc? Or are you asking windows 10 or java?

First one: PC is better {cuz mods}

Second one: JAVA
11/08/2019 4:50 pm
Level 24 : Expert Artist
I play on java, i personally find it easier to control a pc version but i do have Bedrock, aka pocket edition in my case. Java usually plays smoothly for me since i have a pretty strong computer, even when using shaders that require a lot of performance. I dont use mods that often since i am usually playing on optifine.
11/08/2019 4:36 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but here's roughly the smoothness of each main version of Minecraft:

Java Edition is by far the laggiest, but it offers the greatest amount of user-generated content (And most of it's free)

Bedrock Edition is shared across the main consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch), as well as Windows 10. It's way more stable, but tons of content is locked behind a pay-wall.

Personally, I think Java Edition is better. Even if it's pretty laggy.

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