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Trying to move my mods over to ModLoader - Need expert help

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created 10/27/2011 4:40 pm by Zexanima
Ok, I'm trying to make a versions of all my mods that are compatible with mod loader. Sounded easy enough but it's harder than I thought. I'm starting with my Kamehameha wave mod because I want to use Audio Mod to add a new sound. I add the kameha item, then mod_ItemKameha. That's easy. Now I have to figure out how to add

It's too easy using modloader to add a new weapon, item, block ect. When I get to this stuff though I need some help with mod loader. I know I don't really give enough info for someone to help me because I don't want to give out my code on the forum. I'll need someone to add me on skype and help me.
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