Tweaks to progression, what do you think?

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7/3/2022 3:46 pm
Minecraft's progression is really fast imo. But i think that just a few changes to crafting, loot and trading could fix that problem easy. the main concern is that overpowered end game stuff like powerful enchants, beacons and shulker boxes are too easy to get, and some of the coolest parts of the game, like ancient cities, ocean monuments, conduits, and so on are completely skipped over to get to the end game stuff. and another thing is that the progression jumps huge amounts, like the jump form iron to diamond is huge, from a material you would never waste an enchant on, to a material with 7-8 times the durability of iron, all obtainable in 15 minutes by a veteran, and within a day or two by a good player.
So the changes I am proposing are to streamline the progression and to make end game stuff more end game, all in a way that feels true to the vanilla game, or if not that, then at least that could be done with a datapack. So in no particular order:
  • Decrease the durability of diamond tools from around 1500 to around 750 (iron is around 250), and bring netherite down from around 2000 to around 1500
      (this is so that diamond is less over powered, and netherite be a very worthwhile jump, while also spreading out the gaps)

  • Make enchantment tables use crying obsidian, diamonds and echo shards instead of just obsidian and diamonds.
      (This is so that you have to at least enter an ancient city and the nether before you can enchant, This also gives crying obsidian a good use)

  • Make Villagers not be able to sell treasure level enchanted books like mending
  • Make fishing not be able to give level 30 treasure enchants, but just like level 20 regular enchants
      (this is so that villagers are less op, and for the absolute unit of an enchant that is mending to be really hard to get, really only obtainable from end game loot like ancient cities and end cities, and for treasure enchants to be really treasure)

  • Increase the health of the ender dragon from 200 hp (100 ♥) to 400 hp (200 ♥) and have it use the bedrock edition AI, (where it is more sporadic and shoots more often)
  • Make the recipe for an eye of ender also include prismarine shards and echo shards
      (This would make it so that you would have to travel to not only a nether fortress but also an ocean monument and an ancient city before you can get to the end, and it would make the enderdragon a big fight you have to build up to)
  • have cartographers sell maps to strongholds sometimes.
      (This would balance the increase in cost of the Eye of ender and give more use to the cartographer)

  • Make the java wither like the bedrock wither
      (this would make the Beacon harder to get)

  • Make raid evokers only have a small chance to drop totems, like the same chance as wither skulls, otherwise only dropping treasure enchanted books. (Mansion evokers would still have a 100% drop chance)
      (This would make woodland mansions regain their appeal, and it would make the op totem an actual endeavor, while keeping raid evokers useful by making them drop treasure enchants, which can include mending)

  • Armorers, Tool smiths and Weapon smiths don't sell any enchanted stuff, except for maybe low level enchanted iron
      (Again, Enchantments are op, so they should take alot more work)
  • General nerfs to villagers, such as increasing the fletcher stick trade to more sticks and never letting it get to 1 stick for 1 emerald, but buffs to chest loot, such as having Jungle temple loot actually be worthwhile, having pillager outpost loot be a little better, and so on.
      (This would make the player have to go out and explore and work for their loot, and not be able to get max gear from a bunch of villagers trapped in a 1x1 box)

  • Increase the durability, mining level and mining speed of Gold tools, and make them be able to get treasure enchants from enchantment tables. I would say increase the durablity form around 30 to around 60 to match with wood, or even higher, increase the mining level to match stone tools so that you can at least mine iron and copper with it, and increase the mining speed so that with haste 2 and efficiency 5, deepslate can be insta-mined. The sword and axe can also have a very high attack damage.
      (the why of this one is pretty self explanitory, this way, gold can be a sort of glass canon, really strong, but breaks easily. also with the treasure enchants out of enchanting tables, that means that gold can get mending much easier than any other material type.
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    07/02/2022 11:10 am
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    I really don’t like the enchanting table recipe, it shouldn’t be THAT hard to get. Imagine being in full netherite armour and have yet gotten an enchating table.
    07/03/2022 3:46 pmhistory
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    you can still have enchanted books, and any loot from chests like desert temples. But maybe you are right, so maybe something with blaze instead of echo shards
    06/30/2022 11:06 amhistory
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    This would be nice as a brand new Pro difficulty level, so that experienced players can get a kick out of it. Imagine a new comer being forced to go to an Ancient City just to start enchanting. It can become pretty overwhelming and unsatisfying if this becomes the Normal or Hard game difficulty.

    As for Pro, I would randomize recipes so that different hard(er)-to-get resources would be required for more advanced items, like the crafting enchanting table. That way speedrunning would become more challenging, and more attempts would be done by players, to complete the game with different paths.
    06/30/2022 1:37 pm
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    I like that, this could be done for a data pack or something.
    06/27/2022 3:15 pm
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    A very well done post, i think that Minecraft could really be a better game with those changes. Villagers are clearly OP and those changes could very well tone them down. Still, I see two flaws with this, the first one being about the soul shard's rarity (12 of them + the enchanting table would be like 5 ancient cities to visit before the Ender Dragon fight). The second issue is speedrunning: a sub 30 would be nearly impossible and we know that the ENORMOUS Dream community would be sooo pissed.
    06/30/2022 1:43 pm
    Level 55 : Grandmaster System
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    Actually, the first time i went to an ancient city, i found several echo shards, maybe around 15? But you are right, so maybe the amount of echo shards found in ancient cities could be bumped up significantly, so that way, if you find an ancient city, you are essentially guaranteed enough shards for beating the game. Speedrunning is a more difficult thing to deal with, as anything done to make the end's OP loot farther down the line would make the final boss a longer endeavor, so it would have to affect it.
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