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What happens if i tell the IP of a server in this site?

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created 12/07/2019 9:20 am by japanese_spammer
last reply 12/07/2019 8:42 pm
I was going to make a forum post saying that i need help with finding two friends, but i was going to put the IP of a server that i don't play anymore because everytime i joined people kept calling me a spammer because of my nick, and then i thought i would get banned for putting a server IP in a forum post (maybe i'm worrying about too many things because i know this is a site not a server) then i decided to make this forum post to know what happens if i put a server IP in this forum post, and after i get answers in this forum post i will make the forum post i was going to post.

Note: If there's something wrong with my grammar, it might be because i come from Brazil.
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3 replies

12/07/2019 8:42 pmhistory
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If you're posting the server IP with the intention of aiding the search for your two missing friends, it's potentially useful information and I wouldn't be opposed to you including it in your forums thread, assuming that you include it as a non-essential detail of your topic, and not, say, the title of your thread. However, I believe it would be more helpful to include the name of the server, as opposed to the IP address.

Otherwise, if your intent is to advertise for said server, you should make a topic in the servers section of our forums.
12/07/2019 7:48 pm
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As far as I know theres nothing wrong with linking server Ip's
12/07/2019 7:29 pm
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I dont know, but you could try to change your username if your willing to so people will stop calling you that.
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