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What if minecraft was infinite? Minecraft worlds in general.

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created 09/18/2018 7:20 pm by aghostess
last reply 10/23/2018 9:28 am
Hey all.
I have a very interesting discussion to talk about.
what if minecraft had infinite worlds ?
I am not claiming minecraft is infinite as it has such massive worlds to one trillion blocks which is massive.
I understand that minecraft worlds are massive and the number of stuff you can do in your world can expand to years and even months of playing.
the earth itself we live on is not infinite as it has boundaries on this planet we live on.
so as for minecraft and just imagine for a second if we had infinite worlds just imagine that if the expansion of one trillion blocks expanded more to 10 trillion to infinite stages.
that would be crazy and amazing!
the number of things we can do in minecraft not saying its infinite but almost infinite on the things we can do and expand on in the game.
I discussed this previously before.
the game and no game can be infinite due to the memory of stored information about the game within the game program.
if minecraft were infinite that would make a nuclear impact on the game memory maybe it cant be done or can it be done in the future?
Can there be a game program in the future that can maintain infrastructure of an infinite world or not?
lets discuss this.

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12 replies

10/23/2018 9:28 am
Level 4 Apprentice Skinner
Minecraft has almost unlimited things you can make, but an infinite map is too much. Raising the max build height to even higher would be a nice thing. It allready takes to long to get to the edges of the minecraft map, so an infinite map would be like i said too much.
10/23/2018 7:53 am
Level 28 Expert Narwhal
i would hate minecraft worlds to be infinite-i would like to see larger ones on xbox 36o, but infinite... its just TOO big
10/23/2018 7:04 am
Level 1 New Miner
I'm of the same thinking as many others: I don't believe there would be much point. One thing I would REALLY like to see is them make worlds 'wrap.' It's always annoyed me that they added a world border and to travel from 30,000,000 64 1 to -30,000,000 64 1 means you need to walk 60 million blocks. I think it would be pretty awesome if you could take 1 step from 30mil and be at -30mil because, like earth, you've gone 'around' the world rather than from one side to another. I think this would make the world feel much more real than infinite generation and would make navigating the world easier in certain situations.
10/23/2018 6:09 am
Level 24 Expert Blockhead
I don't think it would do much, and I doubt everyone even explores the distance they have (in fact, I think absolutely nobody does). Indeed, I don't think there would be a mechanical point to true infinite. Sounds like a prime opportunity to exploit the game to crash.

In the future, sure, infinite is viable, but the question is still why. I can imagine exploits for it, for little gain unless infinite was done in modular, manual segments.
10/06/2018 7:22 pm
Level 19 Journeyman Explorer
Minecraft has unlimited materials does it not? If you look at other games materials seem to have an end to them.
the world and number of activities you can do in minecraft has unlimited potential.
even though one trillion blocks is limited but infinite to those who play the game.
There may be infinite play time of what you can do as your world will keep changing and changing and evolving every time you play.
the game is designed for infinite potential. But limited to one trillion blocks which is massive! You have the infinite potential to evolve and explore your world whether you are below or above ground or in the air.
the game is phenomenal because the limited amount one trillion blocks is infinite to those who play the game.
the game is designed to have your own world and believe me no other game has this at all and never will.
notch earned his one billion dollars by putting in the program technology to build a world like minecraft.
no other game program is like minecraft.
minecraft will never end no matter how long you play it.
09/18/2018 11:25 pm
Level 35 Artisan Engineer
I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. One moment you talk about the infinity of the world but the other you're talking about being able to load the full world into memory, leaving me confused. Is this about the world being infinite or about being able to have the full world active no matter where you are?

Still either way, there isn't much to discuss I think because the world is pretty much infinite. But being infinite or not still leaves 0 impact on our gameplay. You said it yourself: when you move to another area then the area you left would get unloaded therefor becomes inactive; it won't "do" anything. Even if the world would be fully infinite (so without the world border) you'd still be playing with this mechanic so effectively nothing changes other than being able to move towards insanely high coordinates.

But like I said: it wouldn't change the game. Because if you were to play the game normally, as intended, then even in the current situation you'd never reach the border "just like that".

Then there's the concept of everything remaining active. Also something which wouldn't leave much of an impact because you wouldn't be the wiser anyway. The only situation where this could have impact is if you had one (or more) farms which collected resources for you. But you'd only notice that after you got back. And even better: there already is a way to achieve this impression by using the /chunk command; by forceloading one (or more) chunk(s) you're telling the game that it should remain active no matter what. Normally not something you'd notice but if you do this with chunks which contain a farm then you've just generated the same experience.

Therefor I don't see how this would affect the game in any way.
09/19/2018 7:24 am
Level 23 Expert Blacksmith
MInecraft saves only store loaded chunks, otherwise the generation of a world would forever (generating a 60 million by 60 million by 256 block world). So an infinite world is possible (worlds were infinite in the past), but and when it was infinite, after only 12.5 million blocks you reached the far lands the place where the generation software breaks down because the algorithm fails past that point, that's why they changed the generation algorithm.

And if a world generated every chunk at once, then that world would miss out on many features of when world generation changes.

Striker 107.
09/19/2018 6:38 am
Level 51 Grandmaster Terraformer
Last I recall, Minecraft worlds go up to 32 billion blocks in every direction. This makes them gigantic, far larger than any planet, but it does not make them infinite.
However, it doesn't need to be. Nobody sane will expand as far out as 32 billion blocks.

Worldpainter, which has a tool that allows you to measure how long it would take to get from one edge to another, is limited at 2 billion blocks. It would take approximately 126.000 hours, or 14.38 years of constant non-stop walking to get to 4 billion blocks. This means that in order to get to the edge of the world, which is 8 times further, you'd need 115 years.

Good luck.

If you're talking about keeping all that world loaded in memory indefinitely, I wish you lots and lots of luck with buying IBM's latest supercomputer model, which MIGHT just be able to keep all that loaded at once.

Perhaps if you get a custom-built PC with an enormous motherboard that allows you to have 128GB of RAM active at once, you'll be able to keep a significantly-sized area permanently loaded.

The closest thing I know of is the so-called "Ticking areas" in Bedrock Edition. These can be set to contain a maximum of 100 chunks each, and will keep those chunks loaded indefinitely no matter where you are.

As for a game capable of maintaining an 'infinite' infrastructure, nope. That will never happen, and the reason is performance. True infinity is impossible to simulate on a computer system, because you would need an infinitely powerful and large computer system for it.

There are some very large games that have gigantic infrastructure as in large worlds full of active players everywhere. An example of this would be Eve online, which has a pretty sizeable universe full of active players. But infinite? Nope. Besides, what would be the point? You might as well live in reality. That's the closest we'll get to an infinite infrastructure, and out of all reality we only notice something the size of an atom compared to the size of our entire galaxy.
09/19/2018 3:59 am
Level 40 Master Pixel Puncher
I believe that Minecraft is already infinite with the whole "worlds" thing. Seeing as everything in a world is generated using a noise map that changes each time you use it, which already there gives you more possible worlds than anyone could ever generate in a life time. The Minecraft world generator changes with time as new biomes and other stuff is added, which adds even more possible ways that a world could turn out, Not to mention the new 1.13 update with 3 different world types, custom worlds, and I could go on!

Point is:
There is already infinite worlds in Minecraft, they're just cut up into parts in order for the game to function.
09/18/2018 7:28 pm
Level 19 Journeyman Explorer
Maybe in the future as technology and data improves and advances we maybe able to get infinite data program game space making minecraft infinite.
data technology is crazy ,you would be shocked to see what mankind can achieve through data technology software.
I do beleive that game programs may be able to get infinite storage space and datain the future.
making minecraft i infinite.
but there is no way in this current point of time we will be able to have the technologies present yet in data space.
But that would be a massive imrpovement for the gaming industry in the future.
09/18/2018 7:24 pm
Level 3 Apprentice Skinner
They do actually! I think if you can see when your creating your world! (Even thought the worlds are almost infinite I think there is almost 405 Million blocks in each world.)
10/06/2018 7:28 pm
Level 19 Journeyman Explorer
I guess in larger worlds it’s one trillion blocks but that may not be true or is it true?
But minecraft worlds are limited they are not infinite. But like I said that square distance in a game is massive under ground and above ground.
I feel like I am in a real world in minecraft.
the cave systems never seem to end.
neither does the plains and dirt above ground.
405 million to one trillion blocks depending on world size is massive! Yeah that will never end for the player no matter what they build.




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